What Can I Do In Mathematics Level 1 Subject Test!

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Subject Test in Mathematics Level 1 is actually a name of one hour test given on geometry, algebra, algebraic functions, basic trigonometry, basic foundations of calculus tests, and elementary statistics by the college board. This level 1 subject test is completely appraised on the knowledge that you have obtained from three years of college including one year of geometry and two years of algebra. If you did your best in these courses, the test will support your high school score, shows an interest in pursuing mathematics-based programs of study.  



A Complete Overview of Mathematics Level 1 


As told earlier, level 1 mainly focuses on algebra and geometry concepts that you are well aware of and well learned in maths during your high school years. If you have chosen the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) field, or even mainly choose mathematics, then this test is the ideal choice to make. If we talk about the math level 1 breakdown, then here are some of the things which you surely need to know: 


The mathematics level 1 test is the test of one hour which includes fifty multiple-choice questions and is worth 200 - 800 points. You are fully authorized to use calculators during the test. 


Maths Subjects Includes on Test 


Algebra and functions -38-42%  

Measurements and Geometry -38-42%  

Operations and Numbers - 10–14% 

Statistics, Data Analysis - 8–12% 

What Preparation One Can Do In Test 


For the best preparation for the math level test, you need to have strong hands-on geometry and algebra. Practice hard as much as you can and make your every single doubt clear. You can also take the help of textbook and ask your teachers to give you the quizzes and help you to practice maths.  

Apart from this, one can also take the help of the internet as it is a great source of review, practice, and refreshers. You need to do plenty of relevant worksheets and analyze which areas need more practice.   


Wrapping Up 


As discussed above mathematics Level 1 test is totally based on three years of your college-level maths courses. To take this test it is good to practice maths as much as you can because it is the practice which can help you clear your doubts and will help you perform well in every manner. So it is always suggested to focus on every single detail of your maths problem to showcase your skill during the test.  

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